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Switching to Octopress

Welcome to the new Octopress powered era of timsogard.com!

While the previous site was beautifully designed, it was also powered by a combination of Blosxom (a painfully-dead-no-wait-sort-of-forked-and-community-maintained perl static blog system) and custom Perl CGI code. While I happen to love Perl, I would counsel anyone to steer clear of doing front end work with it. Thaggravations, combined with a minor incapacity to self document, led to a whole lot of nothing on the updates front.

I had been hoping to find a Python powered static site generator since it’s my strongest language, however Octopress/Jekyll is one of the most mature and strongly recommended static site generators out there (not surprising since it powers GitHub’s pages product). Also, being a relatively new project, and one that powers the homepages of a lot of open source projects, there are tons of clean and creative themes and styles available.

I’ll be porting the old design back onto this site at time goes on. Until then enjoy the clean mnml theme from Isaac Overacker.