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Github event streamer for SupyBot

At awe.sm we had a small team, but a proportionally large number of git repositories to keep track of (we strove to be an SOA and had a love of composability). We wanted to see repo activity interspered with deploy and monitoring announcements from our chatops bots. Initially we tried general git repository watching plugins, but the overhead of tracking ~100 repositories was unreasonable.

Luckily GitHub provides the events API which emits messages for all repo activity: pushes, pull requests, issues, team membership, forking, starring, and more. Building a simple scraper with SupyBot and Requests was short work.

SupyBot is a decent general purpose IRC bot, and Hubot has become somewhat of a standard in the chatops space; nevertheless, I wanted to cleanup this plugin and throw it out on the net in case others have the same need.

Get it on GitHub: drags/supybot-github-event-announce